What To Expect In A Baby Scan: The 12-Week Scan And How It Works?

Now that you have learned that you are going to have a baby, it is time to celebrate! Make sure that you get the best support all throughout your pregnancy stage. One thing to keep in mind is a baby scan. The 12-week scan is one of the most important things to consider during pregnancy. This 12-week scan is usually done between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. At this point in your conception, your baby is now fully-formed. This is the chance for you to check your baby’s gender and all the organs. Plus, a pregnancy scan can help you know that there are no problems with the baby’s overall well-being.

pregnancy ultrasoundIf it is time for the 12-week scan, there are several things you need to check. This whole thing is either exciting or terrifying for moms, especially for first timers, which is why they have to know how the procedure is done before undergoing it. It is recommended to drink at least a glass of water one hour before the scan. This lets the uterus have a better position Also, there is no need to worry about it, as it is not invasive. You can also select if you want to have a 3D or 4D scan. The 3D baby scan is the more common procedure between the two.

What An Ultrasonographer Looks For At 12 Weeks?

An ultrasonographer is the one who conducts ultrasound. It is important that they provide information about the 12-week scan. This is the first in-depth look of your developing baby. The sonographer is the one to assess the child’s early development in the womb. The first thing that the sonographer look for in the scan is the heartbeat of the baby. Then, the expected date of pregnancy is also assessed. Afterwards, they look for the baby’s anatomy as far as they could go in the early stage. In particular, the nuchal translucency is done to measure the fluid found at the back of the neck of the baby. It then gives you an indication if your baby has a possible risk of Down Syndrome.

If in case there is a problem found within the 12-week scan period, you will be referred to go to a health care provider for the confirmation of the findings. This period is instrumental because it is the first chance for you to know about the health of your baby. A health care provider will help work with you and let you undergo testing for the remaining months of your pregnancy. This is to ensure that you will deliver the child safe and sound. Websites such as Scan4d.co.uk can offer information about scans pertaining to babies.

Why Opt For Early Pregnancy Scan?

If you are experiencing any pain or bleeding, you may have a problem in the early pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy. An early pregnancy scan is often recommended to know the real cause of the pain or the bleeding. This type of scan is done usually through the vagina. A small probe goes inside the vagina to determine the real cause of the problem.

Overall, if you want to have the best support for your unborn child, you have to take advantage of the 12-week scan. This is a must for you to have a smooth pregnancy period until the delivery if your little angel. The baby scan is a primary concern of every parent. It gives you the earliest report about your child in the womb. Plus, this is vital to make sure that the child is growing and developing the way it should be. Always make it a habit to consult your doctor if you ever want to ensure the health of your baby.

What You Need To Expect On Your First Pregnancy Scan?

It is a must to know the things you have to expect at your first pregnancy scan. You have to undergo your first scan between the period of 10 to 14 weeks of your pregnancy. Likewise, it is known as “dating scan”. This helps you to determine how many weeks you are since you got pregnant.

Based on the results, you will get a better idea of your anticipated date of delivery. When it comes to pregnancy scan, you need to have information about it by consulting your doctor. Also, the first scan of the baby lets you have a picture of your baby.

The Importance Of Scan For Pregnant Mothers

Basically, this scan is done for the parents. This gives them the excitement that their baby is developing well. It also lets them know how the progress of the pregnancy is. The baby’s length is likewise vital. This lets the medical staff to determine the number of weeks that you are pregnant. Plus, you get to know if you are expecting more than one baby! This is also important for the medical facility to prepare the setting for multiple births.

baby scanIn addition, a 3D baby scan is the most commonly used scan today. Other information that the scan shows are the gender of the baby and the date of delivery. This scan should be carried out as accurately as possible in order to perform other tests at the right time. The overall integrity of pregnancy is important, which is why it is a must to take advantage of this first baby scan.

The pregnancy scan usually takes about 10 minutes and there is no discomfort. If you are a first time mom, you must not be afraid. There is no pain when you take this particular procedure. Indeed, a pregnancy test will make sure that your baby is safe. It also helps mothers to ensure that they have the best health to conceive.

What Will Happen After The Test Takes Place?

Make sure to ask the doctor when you will receive the test results. Normally, this will be available within two weeks. If there are health problems seen, your healthcare provider will immediately contact you and do a series of necessary follow-up tests. However, you must not worry if you are sent back to take further tests.

These tests will help rule out any unclear results. Your health care provider will offer the best possible help for you. That being said, as a mother, you have to calm. This is good for you and the baby. Your first scan should be smooth flowing. If you want, you can even undergo a 4D baby scan. This gives you an almost animated look of your baby.

The best time to go for a scan depends on your situation. Usually, it depends on the available procedure in your area. If you have the reason to worry about your pregnancy in the first weeks, an early scan is important. In addition, if you are not sure of the due date, you may likewise need to undergo a dating scan. A pregnancy scan is different from one mom to another.

If you are expecting a baby, then you must be sure to do whatever it takes to take good care of your health. If in case you do not want to undergo a scan at all, you can talk to your doctor about this. This helps you get in touch with your health care provider and voice out the reason behind your refusal to undergo scanning. You must understand that it’s not all about your health. A baby scan is important for you to have a healthy baby.

Why Important Is A Pregnancy Scan For Expecting Moms?

Early pregnancy diagnosis is essential. This is instrumental to make sure that the baby in the womb can get all the tender, loving care. A pregnancy scan can provide all the information needed for an expecting mother. In particular, ultrasound is a great diagnostic procedure for determining pregnancies at an early stage. If you are a mother who wants to know more about your baby, ultrasound is essential. This procedure is done through a machine, which creates an image of your uterus. It also shows how the baby is developing in your womb.

This is beneficial because it lets you determine the size of the baby, how strong the fetal heart tine is, and how well the organs are developing. Plus, this scan helps you know the expected date of delivery of the baby. In addition, this procedure works by high-pitched sound waves. These sound waves cannot be heard by a human ear. The sound waves enter the skin and they focus on a certain body part through a device known as the “transducer.” As the sound waves bounce in the areas in the body, the transducer picks them up.

An ultrasound is being done because to conduct the gender scan. This is important, especially for couples who want to know right away what their baby’s gender will be. This can help them buy the clothes appropriate for their baby.

Why Ultrasound Should Be Done

This procedure should be done if you want to check many aspects related to pregnancy. For example, if you want to check how many babies you are conceiving, you have to go to your healthcare provider. In return, an ultrasound will be done. Also, this ensures that the baby’s weight is right for the age. Experts have recommended that all women should undergo this procedure during pregnancy. The best time that this can be done is from 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. However, the healthcare provider may ask you to undergo ultrasound at other points in pregnancy.
pregnancy scanIf you are nervous about ultrasound, don’t be. Before you take this procedure, you will be given information in its preparation. Most of the time, women are asked to undergo the procedure with a full bladder. This helps the sound waves coming from the machine to travel a lot faster through the skin and organs. When it comes to pregnancy scan, you might be asked to change clothing. As much as possible, a medical gown is important. During the procedure, you may feel a slight pressure on your stomach, but there is no pain. It takes 30 minutes for the scan to finish.

Today, there are different variations of ultrasound. With the advancement in technology, this procedure likewise gone up the notch. Today 3D and 4D baby scan lets you get more freedom to view your baby in the womb. 3D baby scan let you see still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. On the other hand, the 4D scan reveals moving images of the baby. This can be done whichever procedure you prefer.

Is It Safe To Undergo Ultrasound?

For more than three decades, ultrasound is being used for pregnant women. Studies suggest that ultrasound has no adverse effects for the mother and even the baby. There is no reason that this particular procedure may harm the mother or the baby. On the other hand, if it will be based on the medical tests, the benefits should greatly outweigh the risks. Before undergoing the pregnancy scan, make sure to know why it is needed and the risks that could be involved. It is always important to have a safe pregnancy and deliver the baby without any harm done. This procedure will greatly help pregnant women.